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Easement Recovery

For the past few decades, urbanization evidently skyrocketed. The necessity for estate has been tremendous that people may have forgotten that our waterways also resemble a living ecosystem that needs to breathe. Our task to recover the legal easement of waterways from encroachments is not a deprivation of land to households. It is our purpose to restore the waterways to its pristine condition so that future generations will have a chance to appreciate the beauty and importance of these creations and live a better life.

Along with the resettlement of informal settler families and the dismantling of informal settlements, PRRC initiatted the dismantling of 21 privately-owned structures affected by its easement development program at no cost to the Government.

A total of 94 private property owners along the different waterways rehabilitated also signed a waiver to voluntarily dismantle their properties that occupy the legal easements to make way for the construction of linear parks,walkways, and greenbelts.