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History of Pasig River

The significance of the Pasig River in the development of Manila lies in being the center of trade and commerce. As such, people of different nationalities, notably Spanish, Chinese and Americans, had mixed and mingled in the area with the natives for centuries, with the latter imbibing has evolved along the riverbank a way of life of the people, as we know it today.

Metropolitan Manila was founded and built along the banks of Pasig River. Being the center of the colonial power of Spain, the USA and Japan, the metropolis had experienced not only the cycle of economic growth, but more importantly, the birth, decay and rebirth of Filipino society and culture. As more and more people flocked the area to participate in trading activities, they brought along with them their distinct cultural imprints. As a result, varied cultural influences were infused in the early Filipino's indigenous culture, to extent that they perhaps, had lost what was originally theirs.