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Agency Logo

Quality Policy

 “The goal of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission is to improve the water quality of the Pasig River system that supports and sustains aquatic life and resources – conducive for transport, recreation and tourism.

To achieve this, PRRC is committed to deliver quality programs, projects and activities in easement recovery, riverbanks development, waste and water quality management, and public awareness resulting to the revitalization and development of the Pasig River system.

 PRRC is committed to continually improve its Quality Management System through international standards and attain operational excellence by strengthening its coordination with national and local government agency partners, private institutions and other stakeholders to enhance the satisfaction of its community beneficiaries and stakeholders.”

Quality Objectives

Planning Division – To develop, monitor and evaluate strategic plans giving the management direction and recommendations and ensuring all programs, projects and activities are effectively harmonized and implemented in accordance with the international standards.

Abatement Division – To ensure the reduction of solid waste and industrial/commercial waste pollution, as well as the monitoring of violations and removal and abatement of all illegal encroachments and other illegal activities within the Pasig River System in accordance with the international standards.

Easement Recovery, Housing and Resettlement Division – To recover the easements of the Pasig River system from informal settler families (ISFs) and encroachments of private structures through strengthened coordination with the national and local government agencies and social preparation activities for resettlement with stakeholders in compliance with the international standards.

Public Information, Advocacy and Tourism Division – To promote the efforts of the Philippine government, specifically of the Commission and its implementing agencies, in the rehabilitation of the Pasig River and its environs in order to create high-level public awareness and gain the needed public support.

Design Division – To formulate design of environmental preservation areas and other waterway infrastructure projects that are aesthetically and structurally sound and environmental friendly-adhering to the needs of the people living along the recovered and developed easement.

Riverbanks Development and Flood Control Division – To implement quality development projects with approved plans and specifications conforming to local and international standards.

Environmental Management Division – To implement appropriate and sustainable waste and water quality management programs and interventions that aim to improve the Pasig River system and its environs in accordance with the international standards.

Administrative Division – To ensure best support services with continual satisfaction of our internal and external clients by complying on their needs and requirements as well as timely delivery of the goods and service, implementing policies on recruitment and staff development, protecting the resources of the government and prompt payment to the creditors.

Finance Division – To provide the management a fair presentation of PRRC’s financial statements in accordance with the current accounting and auditing standards as prescribed by COA and DBM in line with the international standards.

Management Information System Division – To provide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services through innovative system, up-to-date ICT resources and efficient support service.