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Agency Logo

Regina Paz L. Lopez Regina Paz L. Lopez


17198093 10154304578796016 308784781 n Jose Antonio E. Goitia
Executive Director
Sir Jun Anshari C. Lomodag, Jr.
Deputy Executive Director for Operations
jmm Jimbo M. Mallari
Deputy Executive Director for Finance and Administrative Services
  Gilbert G. Lozada
Chief of Staff
 Matito Jose Rizaldy S. Matito
Head, Main River Division

Operations Group


Leo Rommel H. Fabro
Head, Riverbanks Development and Flood Control Division

msb Merliza S. Bonga
Head,Environmental Management Division
 george George Oliver G. Dela Rama
Head, Public Information, Advocacy and Tourism Division
 Ryan Moceda Ryan T. Monceda
Head, Easement Recovery, Housing and Resettlement Division
mpo Arch. Melchor P. Oderon
Head,Design Division
jmm Jimbo M. Mallari
Head, Planning Division

Finance and Administrative Services Group

loh Lolita O. Historillo
CAO,Administrative Division
kvp Knievel V. Placides
Head,Finance Division
balm Bryan August L. Mallillin
Head, Management Information Systems Division