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My colleagues and my countrymen,

The peace of God Almighty be with us all.

Rehabilitating a lifeless waterway is almost next to impossible, but I am taking this challenge, foremost as an honour because of the trust given me by His Excellency, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, and also as a rare privilege to serve our country.

Historically, we saw the Pasig River as a major component in the advancement of the economic condition of the communities traversed by it. It used to be the paramount source of food and livelihood.

In the past, the river was teeming with marine life. To typify its splendour, people even used to bath and wash clothing in the river. But, from 1950, such activities declined and eventually stopped. Man was so irresponsible in exploiting the bounty of nature resulting to almost irreversible awful state that it is now. Foul odour became manifest in the 70s and, sadly, in 1990, the river was declared biologically dead. The benefits that we expected to derive from this wonderful gift of nature have become nil.

Yet, the role of the Pasig River as a route for migration and the restoration of marine life is hitherto highly feasible. It can still serve as catalyst for progress. Programs in the pipeline, all of which are carefully drafted by bright minds from this office, complemented by non-government scientific organizations here and abroad, comprise our formula towards the rehabilitation of this prime waterway.

We must take this great challenge seriously. And if we really care for ourselves, if we care for our love ones, and if we care for our patrimony, something has to be done – not only by someone, but by everyone.

I, therefore, implore my colleagues in this agency, those in the private sector who are immediately concerned in this noble endeavour, and even the entire citizenry, to support the programs of the PRRC.

Thank you and God bless our country.


Jose Antonio E. Goitia
Executive Director

Message of the Executive Director - pdf